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Welcome to Canadian Oak  manufacturers of barrels in which fine wines can be aged with a truly distinctive Canadian quality.

Canadian Oak Wine Barrels Perform in the Wineries and the Wines

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Learn About the Taste Science of the Wood!

This Never Before Published Report about the Flavor Profile of wine aged in Canadian Oak will show you how wine aged in Canadian Oak differs in taste from American & French Oak.  In addition, discover how wine is made and how it is aged in order to create the perfect taste!

Have you ever wondered what the ways are to age wine? Have you ever tasted unique flavors in wine and wondered how those flavors were created?

    Discover The Secrets of the Oak From Experienced Winemakers

  • Discover the Difference in flavors of different oak
  • With Star Charts Comparing Flavor Profiles
  • Discover the 5 ways to age Wine and the Benefits of Each.
  • Find out How Wine is Aged to Perfection using Canadian Oak Barrels
  • Discover How Wine Made in Canadian Oak Barrels will Generate Greater Profit




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