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Used, Refurbished and Furniture Grade Barrels

used_wine barrel03

Canadian Oak sells used barrels in the 225 L size only.  Prices vary on condition and availability. Please call to discuss your used barrel needs or for a price quote 519-757-2474.

New Furniture grade barrels and kegs are available in most sizes. Check links below for size and specification.  Check below for size and prices of furniture grade barrels.


Check here for specialty barrels such as rain barrels, pickel barrels, and storage kegs. You sill also find specialty items such as bar tables and displays made with used barrels as well as dog houses and other novelty item here.


 Phone: 519-757-2474 Email: harmony@canadianoak.com www.canadianoak.com, P. O. Box 790, St. George Ontario N0E 1N0 Canadian Oak

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