60 Gallon / 225 Liter Wine Barrel Specifications


Canadian Oak Give Your Wine a Uniquely Canadian Flavor!

  • 225 Liter / 60 Gallon Bordeaux Style Barrels
  • Made with Premium Quartersawn Canadian White Oak
  • 36 Month Air Dried Staves Seasoned to perfection
  • One inch stave thickness
  • Thin stave construction
  • Toasted over Oak Fire to your specifications
  • Heads One Inch Thick Toasted Barrel Specifications

What Critics and Consumers Have to Say About wines aged in Canadian Oak Barrels:

  • They have a smoother finish
  • You get more of the fruit flavor
  • I find more vanilla and maple flavors
  • It had a nose that is more pungent, sweeter, less soft, more intense but less forward
  • It has more complex aromas.
  • Canadian oak adds some focus and intrigue
  • It adds complexity and richness

Height = 32"
Outside Head Diameter = 23"
Bilge Diameter = 27"

Weight = 100 lbs.

For current price please see the Price List

Measurements Are Approximate

Barrel age your wine in Canadian oak from Canadian Oak Ltd. and you will be licensed to display the “Aged in Canadian Oak” Logo. Give your wine a unique Canadian Flavor and get a competitive edge. Create a specialty product with a distinctive character and realize a marketing advantage as consumers look for the “Aged in Canadian Oak” Logo when buying Canadian wines. Canadian Oak, Ltd. Give Your Wine a Uniquely Canadian Flavor!




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